Nothing can compare to the beauty, warmth, and value that hardwood floors provide. That is why Edition investments offer a wide range of wooden floor styles, allowing you to find something you love in every design style.

Wooden floors are currently a versatile option for most homes since the diversity of styles and finishes enables you to opt for flooring boards that act as the driving force for your revamping project or complement your home’s current style.

Every home is unique. Therefore, the uniqueness is complemented by the customized hardwood floors that have been installed. Finding options for wooden floors in Kenya has been made easier, as edition investments have put in place design aspects of all styles.

Wooden floors have an expensive upfront cost, but the investment is worth making. Wood has a versatile beauty that is observed through the classic architecture and décor. For this reason, wooden floors, blend in with modern fixtures perfectly and gives some character to minimalistic design themes. Therefore, if you are considering transforming your wooden floor color, you can choose to refinish it or stain it without necessarily removing the wood.

Wooden floors made from hardwood material are regarded as an upscale since most homeowners look for this specific feature. Therefore, the return on investment rate can go up by 50% after installing hardwood floors. You could also attract more offers when selling, thus allowing yourself to pick the buyers.

Hardwood floors also have a longer life span. They do not get cracked, scratched, or stained easily. However, maintenance entails resurfacing to prevent the floor from thinning. Single planks can also be replaced if damaged. Eventually, with the savings, the floor pays for itself.


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